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Are you shackled by low-income jobs, the dread of UNEMPLOYMENT, and the struggle TO ACCESS CAPITAL?


Money TALK$

Join us on this exhilarating voyage through the realms of finance and wealth, where we've co-authored a book that delves deep into the secrets, strategies, and stories that shape the world of money."Money Talk$" isn't just a book; it's an exploration of the intricate dance between dollars and dreams.


It's a celebration of financial literacy and a testament to the power of knowledge in shaping your financial destiny.Inside these pages, you'll find the keys to unlocking your financial potential, redefining your relationship with money, and embarking on a journey towards prosperity and abundance.Explore the stories of those who've dared to dream big and conquer the world of finance. Discover the strategies that have led to remarkable success and learn from the challenges that have transformed obstacles into opportunities.

Join us in celebrating the launch of "Money Talk$" today and be a part of the financial transformation!

Amazon #1 Best Seller

in Financial Risk Management

A Blueprint for Wealth Equality

It’s been called the blueprint to achieving wealth equality in America…


Dr. Constance Craig-Mason, MRFC® is set to change the financial landscape for BIPOC families and small business owners across the nation. 


"Money TALK$ Vol III" is a remarkable book authored by 24 accomplished, African American financial thought-leaders from across the world, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. 


This collective effort aims to ignite a spark of financial wisdom, empowerment, and lasting change within communities that have been historically underserved. The foreword is penned by Les Brown, one of the world's renowned motivational speakers and voted one of the Top Five Outstanding Speakers Worldwide by Toastmasters International.

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