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Financial Entrepreneurial Leaders Series: Meet Lyndsae’ Peele, Founder & Principal Consultant of Kingdom Vision Consulting

In this interview, Lyndae' Peele, MDA, PMEC, Founder & Principal Consultant at Kingdom Vision Consulting, discusses her dedication to empowering entrepreneurs of Color by focusing on providing education and support to help them implement financial strategies essential for creating generational wealth.

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RealLIST Connectors 2024: Meet 20 luminaries keeping Baltimore innovators well connected

These organizers, facilitators, movers and shakers nurture the synapses that power Charm City’s tech and startup community. "As microlending platform Kiva’s US entrepreneurial ecosystem manager, Peele coordinates community-based lending partners and staff across the US for Kiva. She also facilitates zero-interest, no-fee loans of up to $15,000 for entrepreneurs and small businesses typically excluded from traditional financing."

Recent Podcast Features

Micro-Lending with Lyndsae' Peele, MBA, PMECTM

In this episode, Walter Latham Sr and co-host Michelle Sweeney McCombs interview Lyndsae' Peel, a finance coach and advocate for black wealth. Lindsae' works for Kiva, an international micro-lending nonprofit organization. She explains how Kiva provides small business loans up to $15,000 with zero percent interest and no collateral or minimum credit score requirements. Lindsae' also discusses the application process, including the importance of storytelling and the private fundraising period.

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